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BlackBerry Basic Level, Technical Support Services for BlackBerry ServersBlackBerry Basic Level Small Business Support Services

BlackBerry Basic Support is introductory support level for customers with 30 or fewer BlackBerry® smartphone users who are looking to minimize support costs. Your technical issues will be submitted electronically, with a 24-hour response by telephone or email. Our BlackBerry Basic Support for Small Business programs range according to the services you need for your business, such as: BESX- BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Basic Program with 30 active CALs max. BPS - BlackBerry Professional Server Basic Support, BES - BlackBerry Enterprise Server Basic Support Program, and BES w/MVS - Basic Level Support, with service tools, 24/7 access to BlackBerry Expert Support Center and more! Read detailed BlackBerry Basic Support features below. Some of the available support self-service tools include the BlackBerry Expert Support Center, technical webcasts, BlackBerry training, BlackBerry Certification exam vouchers, Free service packs and hotfixes, the BlackBerry Solve newsletter and many others. Whatever level of BlackBerry Support Services you may need; Wireless by eAccess has the BlackBerry small business support services you are looking for. For detailed quotes or further information call us at (847) 701-3025.


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BlackBerry Basic Support Level Features

Coverage and Access 24x7 electronic incident submission, with a 24-hour response by telephone or email
BlackBerry Expert Support Center Basic version of the secure, online resource for Named Callers that provides access to self-service tools and resources
BlackBerry Infrastructure Status Access to a support tool that shows the status of the BlackBerry Infrastructure
BlackBerry Certification One BlackBerry Certification exam voucher for each of your Named Callers
BlackBerry Training Web-based training through the BlackBerry Expert Support Center
BlackBerry Technical Support Services Web cast Series Monthly web casts to provide Named Callers with information and workarounds to proactively diagnose common technical scenarios
BlackBerry Solve newsletter Standard edition of the monthly newsletter sent to Named Callers to communicate technical information such as fixes and workarounds for common technical issues
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