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BlackBerry Standard Level, Technical Support Services for BlackBerry ServersBlackBerry Standard Level Enterprise Support Services

Standard Support allows you to add a variety of optional service features as your BlackBerry® solution grows and becomes more complex. You’ll also have access to Direct to Level Two Support resources to quickly address support issues.  We offer a range of BlackBerry Standard Level Enterprise support programs to fit your BlackBerry support needs. Program costs range according to services provided such as the BES - Standard Program for 1-500 Active CALs is a flexible support level that allows you to add optional service features as your BlackBerry® solution grows and becomes more complex. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Support and BES with Mobile Voice Support - Standard Program, Per Active CAL - 5,000-9,999 Active CALs. BES and BES w/MVS - Standard Program - Per Active CAL - 20,000-49,999 Active CALs costs are based on number of Active CALs. BES w/MVS - Change Management / Migration Reviews allows you to submit your implementation plan to the BlackBerry Technical Support team for review before you update or migrate to a different BlackBerry solution. The BES - Advantage and Standard Programs - Support Service Specialist provides the ability to contact a group of employees at RIM who specialize in handling partner escalations and managing these issues to resolution. No matter what your BlackBerry Standard Support Service needs may be; we have the programs available to suit your BlackBerry technical support needs. Wireless by eAccess is happy to help determine which BlackBerry standard level enterprise support services best fits your needs. Read BlackBerry Standard Level Enterprise Support Services details below, for detailed quotes or further information call us at (847) 701-3025.


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BlackBerry Standard Support Level Features

Coverage and Access
  • 24x7 Direct to Level Two telephone support with an average 90-second response
  • Electronic incident submission with a 2-hour response by telephone or email
Problem Management Critical technical issues can be managed in a formal Problem Management process
Direct to Level Two Support Technical issues are routed directly to Level Two technical support analysts, bypassing the general support queue
Application Development Incidents Optional feature: Purchase 10 application support incidents for issues related to custom application development for your BlackBerry platform
Support Service Specialist (SSS) Optional service: A Support Service Specialist will review outstanding technical issues, interact with the Problem Management team and manage escalations as required
Health Check Services Optional service: Submit your BlackBerry® Enterprise Server log files for review to help ensure the stability of your BlackBerry solution Note: you must have a Support Service Specialist to use this service
Change Management Planning Services Optional service: Before a BlackBerry solution update or migration, request a review of your implementation plan Note: you must have a Support Service Specialist to use this service
Tech-to-site Assistance Optional service: A technical resource is dispatched to your location within 24 to 48 hours
BlackBerry Expert Support Center A secure, online resource for Named Callers that provides access to self-service tools and resources
BlackBerry Software Service Packs and Hotfixes Available for any BlackBerry software components covered under your support subscription
BlackBerry Software Updates Available for BlackBerry enterprise software and other software components covered under your support subscription
BlackBerry Infrastructure Status and Notifications Notifications of planned or unplanned network-related events and access to a support tool that shows the status of the BlackBerry Infrastructure
BlackBerry Certification
  • One BlackBerry Certification Program exam voucher for each of your Named Callers
  • 1.5% discount per BlackBerry Certified Named Caller on your support subscription renewal (up to a maximum of 7.5%)
BlackBerry Training One Named Caller receives free enrolment in an Open Session training session (up to a maximum of 4 days) and all Named Callers will receive a 50% discount on further open session training
BlackBerry Technical Support Services Webcast Series Monthly webcasts to provide Named Callers with information and workarounds to proactively diagnose common technical scenarios
BlackBerry Solve newsletter Enterprise edition of the monthly enewsletter sent to Named Callers to communicate technical information such as fixes and workarounds for common technical issues
Named Callers
  • 5
  • Optional feature: Add Named Callers as required