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BlackBerry solution for Higher Education

BlackBerry Business Solutions from Wireless BY eAccess can help higher education institutions enhance their leadership image, attract more students, enhance the education experience and improve campus communications. With a BlackBerry smartphone, educators, administrators, operations staff and students all have mobile access to the communications and information they need to get things done. Whether it’s conducting research, updating records or collaborating with peers, a BlackBerry smartphone is the smart way to get more done.

Faculty - Experience the power of instant connectivity, wherever you are - BlackBerry technology works seamlessly with your institution’s email and Wi-Fi® networks.

Research online, communicate with colleagues, talk to publishers, and manage your appointments… all from just about anywhere.

  • Search for and access journal articles while at a conference
  • Enter new appointments on the spot so you’re never double-booked
  • Send a voice note to your TA while on the move
  • Update student records as you grade papers at a café
  • Send a mass email to an entire class without heading back to your office


Students - A BlackBerry® smartphone from Wireless BY eAccess is the ideal way for students to bring together different aspects of their lives. With text messaging, IM, email, phone and web browsing features, you can stay in touch with everyone who matters through cellular or Wi-Fi® networks.

  • Email professors or peers with questions about assignments
  • Use the calendar, task list and memo pad features to help ensure you’re always
  • Use the web browser for conducting quick research online
  • Stay connected to your class with social networking sites

With a BlackBerry® smartphone from Wireless BY eAccess, you can get it all done and still have fun.

Higher Education Operations - BlackBerry® smartphones from Wireless BY eAccess will help operations staff stay connected and informed—on and off campus. They offer mobile access (using cellular or Wi-Fi® networks) to phone, email and existing applications so they can be more effective while they’re on the go. With a BlackBerry smartphone, operations staff can have access to the communications and applications they need to get things done—whether it’s grounds maintenance, records keeping or administrative duties.

  • Send and receive service updates on jobs
  • Update records when jobs are completed
  • Collaborate with other staff members


Higher Education Institutional Benefits - Post-secondary schools are often expected to deliver services, content and media to mobile and personal devices. For higher education institutions, BlackBerry® smartphones by Wireless BY eAccess are the brand of smartphone that demonstrates leadership because your faculty, staff and students are more connected and effective—through one secure solution.

With BlackBerry smartphones, educators, administrators, operations staff and students all have mobile access to the communications and information they need. BlackBerry smartphones are easy to set up and operate, so they can get started in minutes using Wi-Fi® or cellular networks.