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Public Safety / Law Enforcement

BlackBerry® Business Solutions from Wireless BY eAccess enables public safety and law enforcement agencies to improve responsiveness and comprehensive service to the public with immediate access to the critical information they need to make informed decisions and resolve issues quickly.

BlackBerry Business Solutions from Wireless BY eAccess offer a complete wireless solution that provides the hardware, software and services that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of public safety organizations, including law enforcement agencies, fire departments, border and transportation security agencies, emergency management departments and more.

Your field personnel can gain timely wireless access to:

  • APBs and amber alerts
  • Dispatch information and incident reports
  • Criminal databases and updated photos of suspects
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Calendar and address book


Public safety personnel and law enforcement officers can increase their responsiveness, make informed decisions and enhance their mobility by keeping in touch with colleagues and accessing information while mobile.

Law enforcement officers

Law enforcement officers can receive assignments and other critical emergency response information on their BlackBerry smartphones. Computer-aided dispatch systems deployed on BlackBerry smartphones support collaboration and interoperability between different law enforcement jurisdictions.